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A-1 - Garry (Yosemite Sam)
On time
Updated: Feb 9 at 2:04 PM
A-2 - Denice
On time
Updated: Feb 9 at 1:47 PM
A-3 - Chris
On time
Updated: Mar 28 at 2:27 PM
A-4 - Richard/Thomasina
On time
Updated: Mar 28 at 2:27 PM


C-1 - Marie
On time
Updated: Mar 22 at 2:38 PM
C-2 - Annette D
On time
Updated: Mar 22 at 12:20 PM
C-3 -Debbie W
On time
Updated: Apr 16 at 2:58 PM

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Volleyball This Week

Senior Girls host Dumbheller at 5:15 Wednesday Sept 19. Senior Boys are competing in Bassano this weekend, they leave Acme Friday at 345 and play Duchess at 6 and Bassano at 8. They will be coming home and returning the next morning to Bassano leaving at 845am with round robin games at 11am and 4.Shelly M is driving the Redmen Bus The Senior Girls are competing in Carstairs/Didsbury this weeken...


Once again the Golden Hills School Division is ofering Kid Plus Insurance for any families that do have medical insurance for their children.  This is a voluntary program administered by Industrial Alliance, each family would sign up on their own direct with Industrial Alliance.  Should you wish to participate please visit their website for all the information:  ...

Transportation Parent Survey 2018

Please take a few moments to complete the transportation survey. Your feedback will help us as we look for ways we can improve how we support you and your children. Thank you for helping us with this.  Please CLICK HERE for the 2018 Transportation Survey. 

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